GX-271 Liquid Handler

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The GX-271 Liquid Handler provides a small footprint, medium capacity liquid handler and autosampler offering small to large volume injection, fraction collection and liquid handling capabilities. This instrument can be configured with either a GX Prep or Analytical Solvent System which features a syringeless pumping technology capable of delivering a wide range of flow rates and volumes. Taking up only 23” of linear bench space with a mid-size bed capacity, the GX-271 is the perfect blend of size, performance and capacity. All injection modules feature a continuous flow path design for preparative flow rates up to 200 mL/min. The GX-271 can accommodate large injection volumes up to 25 mL with minimal sample waste and carryover.

  • The GX-271 Liquid Handler or autosampler can be configured with a GX Direct Injection Module for injection onto an HPLC or LC/MS system. The GX Direct Injection Module features an innovative injection port design that attaches directly to the injection valve reducing void volumes and minimizing carryover associated with calibrated connection tubing.
  • Jet Wash Rinse technology features a flowing rinse for fast and efficient rinsing protocols. The GX-271 is capable of utilizing two separate flowing rinse solvents.
  • Modular design allows the use of Code 20, 200 or 34X Series Racks.
  • A variety of vessels can be accommodated including tubes, vials and microplates in various of formats.
  • Volume capabilities ranging from 50 µL to hundreds of milliliters.
  • Flow rates up to 50 mL/min.
  • The GX Direct Injection Module offers sample loop sizes ranging from 2 µL to 25 mL providing the largest sample volume range on the market today.
  • On-bed reservoirs allow access to four solvents without utilizing a position on the bed.


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