VERITY® 4X20 Single, Dual, and Dual with Tee Syringe Pumps

GX-241 Liquid Handler  |  GX-271 Liquid Handler  |  GX-274 Liquid Handler  |  GX-281 Liquid Handler

Ensuring speed and reliability for repetitive liquid handling tasks in HPLC and general liquid handling methods, the VERITY® 4X20 Syringe Pumps are offered in single syringe, dual syringe, and dual syringe with tee configurations. This product offering allows all of Gilson's GX-Series Liquid Handlers, as well as the 223 Sample Changer, to facilitate the transfer of both large and small volumes with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

  • Assure accuracy in sample transfer, dilution, mixing and more
  • Deliver volumes from 10 µL to 25 mL with excellent precision
  • Adjustable flow rates to compensate for different sample viscosities
  • Convenient plug-and-play USB communication
  • Easy-to-maintain valve and syringe system
  • Ideal add-on for ALL Gilson Liquid Handlers: 223 Sample Changer, GX-241, GX-271, GX-274, and GX-281 Liquid Handlers
  • Simple to integrate with auto-samplers or other sampling systems
  • Dual-syringe models provide extreme flexibility allowing you to create the configuration that will precisely fit your application
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