qPCR Assistant

qPCR automation at your fingertips!

TRACEABILITY - Import sample information when creating new qPCR protocols and export final sample and control locations to various thermocyclers afterwards

REPRODUCIBILITY - Highly reproducible qPCR sample preparations for 10's and 100's of samples

FLEXIBILITY - Flexible automation of qPCR and PCR master mix, sample dilution and reaction plate preparation

PIPETMAX, with assistance from qPCR Assistant, carries out the qPCR method setup for you, reducing technical variability and eliminating sample cross-contamination... all at your fingertips on your PIPETMAX's touch screen!

qPCR Protocol Creation at your Fingertips:

  • Create singleplex or multiplex qPCR Methods, providing effortless flexibility over you qPCR Experiments
  • Combine Multiple qPCR methods into a single run to increase efficiency
  • Maximize your qPCR sample preparation accuracy, reproducibility, and traceability
  • Eliminate inherent variability, avoiding the need for manual entries and prevent errors when entering sample information
  • Increase the pace of your verifiable science!

Simplify Your Workflow - Using intuitive qPCR logic, everyone in your lab can create qPCR protocols on PIPETMAX!


Focus on your qPCR experimental design. Answer simple questions about your qPCR experiment and PIPETMAX qPCR Assistant creates optimized protocols for you to run immediately!

With PIPETMAX qPCR Assistant you can:

  • Trust the optimized qPCR plate setup enabling method and pipetting efficiency
  • Manage sample information before and after the automated run with supported import of sample information and exporting the final sample and control locations for your thermocycler
  • It saves you from the extra time needed for manual entry that can be prone to errors
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