Normalization Assistant

Normalization Assistant allows everyone in your lab to create fully automated DNA or RNA normalization protocols on PIPETMAX®. By automating the tedious calculations and sample tracking tasks required for normalization runs, Normalization Assistant brings effortless traceability and reliability to your DNA or RNA normalization sample prep while performing all of your normalization sample prep for you.


Designed from the ground up to simplify your DNA and RNA normalization workflow, Normalization Assistant guides you through normalization setup and carries out your normalization methods for you, keeping your research projects moving and allowing you to focus on your science.

Normalization Setup at your Fingertips!

  • Import and export sample information to save time and prevent errors
  • Quickly perform QC checks to exclude problematic samples
  • Automatically calculate dilution volumes and verify your normalization setup
  • Maximize accuracy, reproducibility, and traceability with fully automated sample preparation
  • Configure highly flexible normalization patterns for a variety of experiments
  • Automatically generate run reports documenting each sample
  • Increase the pace of your verifiable science!

Simplify your workflow - With no programming required, everyone in your lab can create normalization protocols with Normalization Assistant


Focus on your research, not on liquid handler programming! Answer simple questions about your normalization and get optimized normalization protocols ready to run on PIPETMAX®.

With Normalization Assistant you can:

See Normalization Assistant and PIPETMAX® in action here:

Application Note - Improving qPCR Reliability: Automated RNA Normalization and Plate Setup on PIPETMAX®

Application Note - Normalization of DNA and RNA Samples with Normalization Assistant on PIPETMAX®

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