VERITY® GPC Cleanup System

TRILUTION® LC Software     VERITY® 3011 Isocratic Pump     157/159 UV-VIS Detectors

Make Your Lab Life Easier

The VERITY® GPC Cleanup System uses gel permeation chromatography (GPC) to remove contaminants from your sample matrices prior to analysis, producing more reliable results, fewer sample repeats, and less system downtime.

Your Key Advantages

  • Extends column life
  • Reduces sample carryover
  • Automates cleanup of up to 80 sample extracts
  • Collects multiple fractions from the same extract
  • Meets government requirements for GPC cleanup

Experience Complete Control of Your System

TRILUTION® LC software is easy-to-use and designed to meet your GPC needs.

  • No programming required: Methods specific to GPC post-extraction cleanup process are included
  • Flexible to you science: Bed layout includes common racks that can be exchanged in the software to allow collection into different sized vessels
  • Keep your costs to a minimum: Error handling and shutdown methods minimize solvent waste and sample loss


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