VERITY® 3011 Isocratic Pump

The VERITY® 3011 Isocratic pump is an innovative liquid delivery solution for chemical reaction monitoring in petroleum applications and for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) in environmental and food and beverage testing. Highly accurate, this pump delivers a virtually pulse-free, stable solvent flow for a wide variety of liquids, including high viscosity solvents and allows for flow rates from 0.01 to 10 mL/min, depending on the pump head used, and pressures of up to 600 bar (8702 psi).


  • High pressure rating for accommodating industrial level applications, such as the petroleum industry
  • Quick-connect pump heads for easy installation, simple maintenance, and reduced downtime
  • Intuitive integrated touchscreen controller for convenient, stand-alone operation
  • Compact and stackable design that easily fits into a refrigeration unit or fume hood

Intuitive Control

The touchscreen can be used to control the VERITY 3011 pump, including setup and operation. Offering three operation modes: Flow, Dispense, and Program, the pump can be started through the touchscreen or through remote input contacts.

Flow Mode

In this mode, the pump provides a constant flow rate. Optionally, the pump can be ramped from the initial flow rate to the desired flow rate. The flow rate can be changed while running.


Dispense Mode

In this mode, the pump dispenses a specified volume or dispenses for a specified period of time.


Program Mode

In this mode, the pump can be instructed to run flow gradients, open and close outputs to control other instruments, and wait for signals from other instruments via the input contact.


The reproducibility and accuracy in reactions when using this pump, coupled with its low operation and maintenance costs, makes the VERITY 3011 pump an ideal choice for many laboratories that pursue improved results and are trying to minimize costs and downtime.

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