prepELS™ II Detector

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Gilson’s prepELS™ II Detector can be added as the primary, or as an additional detector to any Gilson preparative or analytical system, or to any other HPLC system on the market. The detector can accommodate flow rates up to 75 mL/min with simplistic, robust splitting packages. No other ELS detector available can accommodate sample masses from nanograms up to 5 mg without driving the detector signal off-scale.

The prepELS II Detector has unsurpassed capabilities on the analytical scale with the ability to detect analyte down to a low-nanogram level. A unique filtering technology allows for the removal of baseline noise without affecting peak height or shape. Thermo-Split™ Technology gives users the ability to optimize the detector for any mobile phase or flow rate by precisely controlling temperatures and providing a gentle vapor split.

  • Patented Thermo-Split™ Technology allows optimization per sample for any mobile phase or flow rate by precisely controlling the spray chamber and drift tube temperature
  • Straight drift tube design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance versus diffucult coil shape drift tubes
  • Revolutionary filtering capabilities allow for effective baseline noise reduction without affecting peak height or shape
  • Two separate gain settings for prep and analytical applications: low-gain setting for detecting prep samples up to 5 mg depending on analyte & normal-gain setting for detecting analytical sample amounts down to 25 ng
  • Easy-to-use, low maintenance splitting packages: static y-splitting packages for flow rates up to 75 mL/min to optimize flow rates with virtually no maintenance
  • Unique calibration procedure ensures that multiple ELS detectors give the same reading
  • Laser diode light source maintains robust signal strength over the entire 10,000 hour lifetime to ensure consistent, reproducible results


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