Preparative HPLC System


Modular and robust prep HPLC platforms configured to your requirements.

Preparative HPLC systems in a modular format to accommodate purification ranging from a microgram to gram scale utilizing UV, ELSD, DAD, and/or MS as a fraction trigger and valve configurations to accommodate virtually any number of single or multiple column schemes.

333/334 HPLC Pumps  |  TRILUTON LC Software  |  Choose from the GX-241, 271, and 281 Liquid Handlers

The systems's wide flow rate range (from the 333 and 334 Pumps) allows for both semi-preparative and preparative separations. High pumping power accommodates a wide range of preparative column sizes. All injection modules feature a continuous flow path design. The system can accommodate large injection volumes with minimal sample waste and carryover. The new rinse station system incorporates a flowing jet wash and allows the use of up to two different rinse solvents.

  • Low dwell volume allows fast, reproducible gradients
  • Off bed collection racks allow for true large-scale fraction collection into vessels of your choice without sacrificing bed space
  • Incorporate Gilson's System Organizers for stacking to conserve bench space
  • Injection of up to 15 g per run depending on column dimensions
  • The 30X Pump Series configured as injection pumps can inject volumes up to several liters to maximize sample loading on preparative HPLC columns
  • Separate injection and collection pathways that eliminate contamination of fractions from the injection process
  • The solvent valve allows for immediate access of up to five off bed solvent reservoirs
  • The GX Direct Injection Module features an innovative injection port design that attaches directly to the injection valve reducing void volumes and minimizing carryover associated with calibrated connection tubing
  • The GX Direct Injection Module offers various sample loop sizes providing the largest sample volume range on the market today
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