GX-271 Oligo Purification System

Automated continuous purification, analysis, and desalting of oligonucleotides

Perform every step of your purification process on a single platform

The GX-271 Oligo Purification System is a single liquid handling platform configured with automated preparative and analytical HPLC capabilities that can be used to isolate, analyze, and desalt reagent-grade oligonucleotides in one continuous run.

  • Save bench space and resources when compared to multiple, independent systems
  • Switch between chromatographic scales and techniques without changing plumbing

Protect your valuable samples, even when you’re not present

Built-in, software-based error handling conditions for each stage of the process prevent sample loss and allow for fully automated, unattended operation.

Experience zero downtime with continuous sample processing

Monitor real-time data from previous runs while conducting additional preparative, analytical, and desalting runs.

Accurately monitor salt concentrations


The VERITY® 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor is capable of monitoring salt
concentrations over a large dynamic range with a rapid response time.



One software package, All techniques


Modular and flexible programming of TRILUTION® LC facilitates seamless exchange
of preparative and analytical methods without manual intervention.

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