Gilson Launches the New VERITY® 1900 MS Detector

The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector from Gilson Takes Mass Spec Detection Mainstream

Middleton, WI (March 22, 2016)
- Gilson today announced the introduction of the VERITY® 1900 MS Detector, an innovative, chip-based mass detection device with the power of a more traditional single quadrupole mass spectrometer.

The use of the chip-based detector helps to shrink the overall VERITY® 1900 MS Detector footprint and offers very quiet operation. These features, along with eliminating the need for specialized electrical requirements and auxiliary accessories such as a roughing pump and nitrogen generators, allows for the easy accommodation of the VERITY® 1900 MS Detector into a non-specialized lab setting. Through integration with Gilson’s TRILUTION® LC software or Glider Prep software, the VERITY® 1900 MS Detector can be set to collect fractions based on one or more target masses, making the system easier to use by less experienced lab personnel. The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector is an ideal choice for laboratories in pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies, as well as academic labs, and is suitable to detect both small and large molecules.

In preparative liquid chromatography, collected fractions are monitored using both a UV/Vis and a VERITY® 1900 MS Detector, enabling clear identification of the fractions and determination of their purity in a single step and eliminating offline mass spec analysis in a specialized lab. In addition, mass spec detection during the initial step allows fraction collection to be more specific, resulting in fewer fractions to process later.

The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector has fewer system requirements than more traditional single quadrupole mass spectrometers, dramatically decreasing the cost of ownership. The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector is also easier to maintain (e.g., no oil changes are necessary), and instrument downtime is significantly reduced, improving productivity and saving money. Many routine maintenance items are customer serviceable, eliminating the need for a service visit. As Thomas Rawlins, Associate Product Line Manager at Gilson noted, “I am excited to offer scientists a product that really changes the way they think about mass spec technology. With chip-based mass spec, the site requirements, maintenance costs, and footprint become more similar to a basic UV/Vis detector than a traditional single quad MS.”

The VERITY® 1900 MS Detector is easily incorporated with Gilson’s preparative HPLC systems. With a mass range of 50–800 amu and the ability to collect full scan signals and up to four SIM channels simultaneously, the VERITY® 1900 MS Detector will become a powerful component of the lab workflow for both small and large molecule identification.

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