Gilson Safe Aspiration Station

Replacement Parts


Safe and Simple Solution for Biological Liquid Waste Disposal!

Gilson Safe Aspiration Station

Item Ordering reference
Bottle PP 4L with lid assembly F1077410
Bottle PP 4L F1077411
Lid assembly for PP bottle F1077412
Tubing 1800 mm bottle hand operator F1077413
Tubing 700 mm instrument bottle F1077414
Tubing set with filter F1077415
Membrane filter - Diam 60 mm - 0.45 µm F1077416
Pump exhaust tubing connector F1077417
Y-tubing connector F1077418
Level detection sensor cable F1077419
Hand stand F11774118


Gilson Safe Aspiration Kit

Item Ordering reference
1 channel plastic aspiration adapter F1077420
1 channel stainless steel adapter 40 mm F1077421
8 channel stainless steel aspiration adapter with ejector F1077424
8 channel plastic aspiration adapter with ejector F1077426
1 channel plastic aspiration adapter with ejector F1077427
Rubber adapter for Pasteur pipette F1077428
Test tube