Your Benefits

Fourteen robust models cover a large volume range from 2 µL to 5000 µL with legendary PIPETMAN accuracy and precision.

Premium Robustness

  • Long product life and high resistance to aggressive chemicals thanks to stainless steel and PVDF components.

Accuracy & Precision

  • Ultimate security and consistent results with fixed volume setting.
  • GLP compliance: No risk of volume selection error.

Economical Choice

  • For clinical diagnostics, quality control, and any routine testing.



  • Any highly repetitive applications such as diagnostics and clinical tests.


More About the Features

  • Tip-holder and tip-ejector are fully autoclavable to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Airtight seal with unique "dry seal" technology (grease-free).
  • F5000 is equipped with a polyethylene filter that prolongs piston life and prevents contamination.
  • The nominal value of the PIPETMAN F may be slightly adjusted to compensate for liquids of different density or viscosity.

For long life and peak performance of your pipette, Gilson recommends that you check your pipette on a regular basis. Click here to see our PIPETMAN Pipette Two Minute Inspection Video

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