PIPETMAN L Micro-volume Kit

PIPETMAN® L is the latest innovation of Gilson based on ergonomics, comfort, and traceability reseach. This new mechanical pipette combines the PIPETMAN Classic™ legendary robustness, a newly designed body, and state-of-the-art mechanism.

Dedicated to molecular biology applications, the PIPETMAN L Micro-volume Kit offers the PIPETMAN P2L and P10L, perfect for pipetting enzymes and reagents; and a PIPETMAN P100L, suited for small-volume dispensing of aqueous fluids of moderate viscosity and density (molecular biology, immunology, etc.)

  • 3 PIPETMAN L Pipettes: P2L, P10L, and P100L with Gilson certificates
  • 2 racks of certified-quality PIPETMAN Diaomond Tips: DL10 and D200
  • 3 SINGLE™ pipette holders
  • 3 Plastic tip ejectors
  • 1 Gilson Guide to Pipetting
  • 1 Two-minute inspection poster



With PIPETMAN L, you can now enjoy an extremely lightweight pipette, that has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. The finger hook provides added comfort, and the textured body makes it easy to hold onto, even when wearing gloves.

An adjustable tip ejector button has also been implemented to adapt to both right- and left-handed users. its shape provides intuitive and comfortable handling of the pipette, whatever the size of your hand.


Secure Pipetting Guaranteed by a Volume Locking System!

PIPETMAN L is an adjustable volume pipette that features a Gilson patented volume locking system. The operating rod is fully disconnected from the counter assembly during pipetting phases so once locked into place, the volume cannot be accidentally changed. This GLP feature, among other features, meets the current needs of intensive pipette users who desire accuracy and precision without sacrificing comfort.

If you forget to lock your volume...


Free your mind, Free your hand!

Every aspect of PIPETMAN L was designed with your hand in mind to help you increase daily productivity and pipette longer without fatiguing your hand.

Optimum Traceability

PIPETMAN L features a 2D identification code for easy traceability. This tracking feature includes the product reference, date of manufacture, the serial number, and the nominal volume.

With a universal scanner, you can download pipette information into a text sheet or onto your own software for tracking purposes.

GLP Features

To help give you peace-of-mind, Gilson has added convenient GLP features to PIPETMAN L so you can focus on what's really important...your work.

Additional GLP features include:

  • Volume-locking mechanism
  • Traceable serial number
  • Color-coded push-button that corresponds to match Gilson PIPETMAN Tip packages
  • Unique 2D identification bar code

For long life and peak performance of your pipette, Gilson recommends that you check your pipette on a regular basis. See our PIPETMAN Pipette Two Minute Inspection Video.


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PIPETMAN L Micro-volume Kit


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