Excellence in Service

Why Should You Service Your Pipette?

Gilson is reputed for the extreme quality of its PIPETMAN and its components. Our pipettes are high precision devices produced of the finest technology, but mechanical systems can’t be completely protected against the wear of regular use.

  • Extend the life of your pipettes:
    Pipettes are one of the most extensively used pieces of equipment in the laboratory. They are subject to many aggressions such as falls, intensive handling, corrosive liquids, and more. This exposure may result in damage that is barely visible and may not be discovered unless regular service is carried out.

    For this reason, Gilson pipettes require meticulous care and must be regularly maintained and calibrated to extend their life and to make sure they remain synonymous with precision.

    With regular maintenance, a PIPETMAN can last for more than 10 years!
  • Save Time & Money:
    For busy schedules, time is a real issue. Preventive maintenance protects you from severe damage that could immobilize your pipette for a long period of time or cause the need to replace it!

    No doubt, it is less expensive and more ecological to take preventive measures than to buy a new pipette every three years!

Who Better Than Gilson To Service Your Gilson Pipetman?

Gilson's first-class service means you will get no surprises. You will always get exceptional value for your money and knowledgeable advice from specialists who know your pipettes.

By trusting Gilson Service Centers to look after your PIPETMAN, you're choosing quality. Doing it right is what makes us unique. You'll enjoy worry-free pipetting when you use Gilson pipette services.

Your Benefits:

  • The Guarantee to Get It Right
    PIPETMAN's state-of-the-art precision and accuracy are directly linked to the quality of its mechanism. Only the Gilson network of accredited service centers can guarantee to make your PIPETMAN work like new!
  • The Manufacturer's Accreditation
    As a liquid handling manufacturer, we believe that the quality of our pipettes must be matched by the quality of our service. That is why we have been the first to offer both pipettes and services.

    With over 35 years of experience, Gilson has developed stringent quality systems to audit your local Service Center. Only the ones that meet our standards can become an accredited Gilson Service Center.
  • Genuine Spare Parts
    You can rest assured that we only use Genuine Gilson Parts when we service and repair your pipette. This guarantees that all work carried out on your pipette is of the highest quality and that the accuracy and precision of your pipette is never compromised. In addition, if that were not enough, all repair work is guaranteed.
  • Proximity of Express Service
    Gilson has a network of over 100 accredited service centers worldwide. Whatever your laboratory size, our service center network will be able to offer you help and advice.

    Because nothing can replace lost time, our Gilson service team provides immediate attention to all makes of pipettes and aims to do it right the first time!
  • Surpassing Standards
    Whatever your requirements - ISO standards, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines and metrology - Gilson’s worldwide network of specialists can help you implement procedures that are suitable for your applications.

    Nobody knows your PIPETMAN better so give your nearest Gilson Service Center a call and find out more about our service commitment to you.


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