GX-281 Liquid Handler


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The GX-281 Liquid Handler and autosampler offers unmatched versatility and performance for liquid handling operations including injection, fraction collection and re-injection. The instrument features a revolutionary syringeless solvent delivery system that accommodates various volumes and flow rates. The GX Solvent System features an innovative technology that allows for a large dynamic working range of 2 µL to 100 mL and flow rates of 1 µL/min to 25 mL/min.

  • Revolutionary GX Solvent System on an innovative autosampler: no syringes to replace or change to accommodate different volumes and flow rates; allows for immediate access to up to five solvents and provides a large dynamic volume and flow rate range
  • Continuous flow path design on all injection valves for flow rates up to 200 mL/min: allows system flow to continue even as the injection valve switches from load to inject, ensuring consistent pressure and flow
  • Direct Injection Module features an injection port that is integrated into the valve: removes a source of potential carryover, reduces rinsing times, sample waste and X/Y travel for quicker injection cycle times
  • Enhanced bed capacity over other similar liquid handlers — uses only 33" of linear bench space: holds up to six Code 200 Series Racks with an efficient bed design
  • Separate injection and collection pathways: ensures that fractions are never contaminated from the injection process
  • Jet Wash Rinse system includes a high-flow rinse pump: provides fast and efficient probe cleaning with up to six rinse solvents


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