Peristaltic Pump - MINIPULS® Evolution


Offering unmatched flexibility and performance for liquid transfer applications, the MINIPULS® Evolution is designed for scientists seeking a high performance, easy-to-use peristaltic pump capable of a variety of configurations. Gilson offers the only peristaltic pump that allows for channel cartridges, from one to sixteen, to be changed while the pump is running with a simple and quick additional head placement and/or removal.

  • Accommodates flow rates from 0.2 µL/min to
    340 mL/min.

- Stack pump heads in one click for 1 to 16 channels.

- Medium and high-flow pump heads can be used simultaneously in the same module for a larger flow rate range during the same application.

- Reproducibility of flow rate on all channels with a variation under 0.1%.

- 0.01 rpm readability below 10 rpm, perfect for precise flow rate adjustment.

- Optimized 6-roller design limits pulsations.

- Offers back pressure resistance up to 0.3 MPa (42 psi).

  • Keypad functions: start/stop, flow direction, increase/decrease flow rate, prime (to purge tubing, set a maximum speed).
  • Gilson robustness and reliability: can work 24/7; stainless steel rollers for great durability and chemical resistance, less than 2% variation after
    24 hours in operation.
  • Quick, flexible and safe set up: cartridges snap in and out in one click, pump heads can be changed within seconds while pump is operating, adjustable tubing occlusion for simple and fine pressure adjustment, drip tray under pump heads permits leak detection and accessory case to keep connectors readily available.
  • Full adaptability: easy to integrate into existing system; control manually through the keypad, footswitch or remotely through another device (by electrical contact, automated instrument or computer). The MINIPULS Evolution is also available as an OEM product.
  • Select your pump head(s) and tubing (not included with the MINIPULS Evolution Speed Control Module): Three different pump heads delivered with cartridges are available separately. Each cartridge must be fitted with tubing adapted to your application. Open the table below to select the appropriate tubing, extension tubing and connectors knowing required flow rates and nature of pumped liquids.
  • Once you know the nature of your fluids and the required flow rate, refer to the table below to select the appropriate tubing, extension tubing and connectors.

Tubing Selection Chart

  • Tubing properties are given in the table below:

Tubing Properties Chart

Test tube