GX Direct Injection Module

The innovative GX Direct Injection Module features a unique injection port design that connects directly to the valve, removing the need for calibrated connection tubing which can be a source of void volume, contamination and maintenance issues. The module is available with PEEK or Stainless Steel valves and can be configured with sample loops ranging from 2 µL up to 25 mL (depending on the valve installed). All preparative valves feature a continuous flow path design minimizing pressure spikes when switching between load and inject while running at high-flow rates.

  • Direct Injection Modules are compatible with the following Liquid Handlers: the GX-281 Liquid Handler (accommodates up to two GX Direct Injection Modules), GX-271 Analytical Liquid Handler, GX-271 Preparative Liquid Handler and the GX-271 ASPEC.
  • Rated to pressures up to 5000 psi depending on configured valve.
  • Total loop injection CV's < 0.5%.
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