PLC 2020 Personal Purification System


Spend less time tinkering with chromatography and more time on the data - Purification Simplified!

For all levels of purification, from high pressure reverse phase chromatography to FLASH, the PLC 2020 Personal Purification System is a fully-functioning purification system with an integrated binary pumping system, dual wavelength UV-VIS detection, a manual-push button injection valve, a fraction collector, and touch screen control software.  With a small, compact footprint intended to support an individual or a small group of chemists, this easy to use purification solution delivers accuracy quickly.

It's your chemistry … Make it Personal!

  • Dual, variable wavelength UV/VIS detection from 190–700 nm
  • Interchangeable flow cell design to accommodate a wide variety of applications

  • Select between five different solvents
  • Interchangeable pump heads allow the option to select optimum flow range.
  • Real-time, graphical gradient modifications and real-time sample tracking during run
  • Manual fraction collection functions for Advance and Divert
  • Conditional logic fraction collection based on up to two detector channels using any combination of Slope and/or Level
  • Auto-Print and Auto-Export of sample reports at the end of a run

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