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TRILUTION LC is an easy-to-use, walk-up software in which an application can be up and running in fewer than five steps. It features conditional logic fraction collection, robust worry-free slope collection, 100% accurate fraction simulation that gives you a visual of how compounds will be collected, off-scale peak collection, effortless graphical drag and drop user interface, and graphical sample tracing.

Saving time and resources allows you to keep up with your laboratories' growing demands

TRILUTION LC conditional logic collection capabilities allow chemists to optimize purification, reducing the number of fractions that are collected, needed to be re-analyzed and handled. TRILUTION LC allows you to:

  • Collect specific peaks using conditional; AND, AND/OR, and OR statements
  • Apply conditional statements to the same detector signal using a combination of slope and level collection to obtain the highest possible purity
  • Collect based on data from several different detectors: UV, DAD, ELSD, and MS
  • Apply the ultimate efficiency tool and collect fractions based on UV and target masses 



Typical fraction collection with slope or level collection is indiscriminate and results in a large number of fractions. Large number of fractions that have to be pooled, dried down, and further analyzed. This costs you more time and money purifying compounds.



Conditional logic collection has the ability to detect peaks by slope but not start collecting until a user defined peak level is reached, resulting in greater selectivity, reduced fractions, but still is not compound specific.


Using conditional logic collection with a combination of detector sources, such as UV and MS, allow for optimum efficiency in purification. Detect peaks by UV signal, but only collect those peaks if they meet the target mass of the compund of interest. Very few fractions to re-analyze and dry down. Only compounds that are of interest are collected, saving time and resources!

Complete control at the click of a button!

TRILUTION LC features a sample list with copy/paste and auto-incrementing functionality for quick sample entry, allowing you to run samples faster. Enter gradient conditions, injection volume, targeted masses, and wave-lengths directly from the sample list provided. Manual control functions allow you to have direct control of every instrument in the system prior to running samples, as well as the ability to monitor baselines prior to injecting valuable samples.

Auto-action Functions

  • Sample reinjection automatically monitors analytical scout runs to determine sending a sample to preparative purification based on %Area, %Height or Purity
  • Automated sample list generation inserts additional steps to process collected fractions for fraction pooling or reinjection
  • Fraction collection simulator for optimization of collection parameters based on a previous chromatogram
  • Fraction monitoring system for entering minimum fraction requirements, to ensure sample is not lost



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