Gilson Announces the Acquisition of Armen SAS, A Chromatography Purification Company


Middleton, WI (October 11, 2013)Gilson, an industry leader in manufacturing manual and automated liquid sample management products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Armen SAS, a company specializing in manual preparative chromatography based on HPLC and CPC (or CCC: Counter Current chromatography) technologies.


Scientists in biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental markets are under increasing pressure to improve the efficiency of their methods and eliminate impurities. Using more refined chromatography techniques is becoming increasingly important. Armen Instrument's nearly 2 decades of experience developing pumping systems including high flow purification pumps in combination with Gilson’s expertise in precision sample preparation, semi-preparative to preparative chromatography, and the purification of small molecule compounds brings a diverse range of application and product opportunities to the marketplace.


"The addition of the Armen Instruments product line allows Gilson to strengthen its purification solutions for every sample type, from manual to automated systems, addressing lab, pilot, and process scale solutions." said Atika El Sayed, Chief Executive Officer of Gilson. "Armen brings to Gilson their CCC technology, which is capable of quick and cost effective purification of natural, raw products in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets.  This complements the Gilson product portfolio, enabling us to provide customers with a more complete range of extraction, purification, isolation and clean-up systems to help increase their efficiency, reproducibility and accuracy."


The expansion of our capabilities with the Armen Instruments pumping technology allows Gilson to extend its leadership in preparative HPLC and purification, as well as position the Gilson product line to move into new, strategic markets. Next year Gilson will begin introducing Armen products under the Armen brand, integrating its bench top products into the Gilson branded product portfolio. 


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