PLATEMASTER® Simplifies High Throughput Pipetting of Microplates

PLATEMASTER® from Gilson Simplifies High Throughput Pipetting of 96- and 384-well Microplates

Middleton, WI (June 2, 2016) – Gilson, an industry leader in liquid handling instruments, announces the launch of PLATEMASTER®, a high precision 96-channel manual pipette that removes the tedious and time-consuming tasks of preparing and transferring microplates using standard or multichannel pipettes. Building on the precision of the legendary PIPETMAN®, PLATEMASTER® is ideal for performing numerous 96- and 384-well manipulations per day, such as those involved with ELISAs, qPCR, cell-based assays, next generation sequencing, crystallography, and other microplate-based methods.

PLATEMASTER® easily fills 96-well microplates in as little as 10 seconds. Filling 384-well microplates requires only four steps, which can be completed in less than one minute. The adaptor and unique wheel of the PLATEMASTER® allows for the secure transfer of the microplates. Use of the PLATEMASTER® reduces the risk of human error resulting in skipped wells or repeat additions to wells, thus increasing reproducibility between wells and microplates. For time-sensitive applications, all wells can be simultaneously started and stopped, improving accuracy in experimental results.

The cost-effective PLATEMASTER® is as intuitive to use as Gilson’s PIPETMAN®. Unlike expensive automated pipetting systems, PLATEMASTER® does not require special programming, in-depth training, or electricity to use. PLATEMASTER has a smaller footprint than many other multi-well pipetting platforms, saving precious lab space.

Two PLATEMASTER® models are available: PLATEMASTER® P20 handles volumes from 0.5 µL to 20 µL and the PLATEMASTER P220 manages volumes from 2 µL to 220 µL. PLATEMASTER® uses PIPETMAN® Diamond Tips, which are filtered tips that add an additional level of precision. A 384-well adaptor is available separately.

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