Maximize your sample prep performance with the flexible TRILUTION® software modules.

With effortless and complete control of your liquid handling, HPLC, or PIPETMAX® platforms, TRILUTION software modules enable you to focus on the science.  The method flexibility built into every TRILUTION module allows your Gilson system to adapt to your laboratory's experimental needs of tomorrow as well as today. 

Why TRILUTION is the Solution for you

Gilson offers powerful software to complement our robust instruments.
The software packages allow effortless and complete control of instruments in order for you to focus on the science rather than the software. TRILUTION flexibility allows your Gilson system to adapt to the laboratory needs of tomorrow as well as today.

TRILUTION - method flexibility to improve the efficiency of any sample run every time.

TRILUTION LH is a comprehensive software package for seamless automation of all Liquid
Handling (LH) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) methods. Combining unmatched flexibility
with an intuitive interface, TRILUTION LH will have any process running smoothly from day
one. A large choice of ready-to-use tasks makes method creation quick and easy, while
intelligent scheduling and custom tasks improve the efficiency of any sample run every time.

TRILUTION LC is a software package designed to make purification easier and more efficient
allowing chemists to focus on creating compounds rather than purifying them. TRILUTION LC
features conditional logic fraction collection, robust worry-free slope collection, 100% accurate
fraction simulation that gives you a visual of how compounds will be collected, off-scale peak
collection, graphical drag and drop user interface and graphical sample tracing.

TRILUTION micro is a simplistic software package that gets PIPETMAX running in 3 easy steps, so that it can begin working in your lab right away! While many automated sample preparation solutions require extensive training, or even dedicated technicians, TRILUTION micro takes just a few minutes for any pipette user to learn. That’s because TRILUTION micro is built to work with everyone in your lab, nobody is left out.

PIPETMAX qPCR Assistant - Traceability and reproducibility in qPCR and PCR experiments.          Create sophisticated qPCR protocols supporting sample dilutions, master mix preparation, and qPCR plate preparation.  Maximize qPCR sample preparation accuracy and reproducibility, eliminate inherent variability, and minimize sources of contamination.  With easy to import sample information and export templates to downstream different real-time thermocyclers, the traceability provides an added level of electronic security helping to eliminate manual errors, maximizing reproducibility and further saving you time.

Normalization Assistant allows everyone in your lab to create fully automated DNA or RNA normalization protocols on PIPETMAX®. By automating the tedious calculations and sample tracking tasks required for normalization runs, Normalization Assistant brings effortless traceability and reliability to your DNA or RNA normalization sample prep while performing all of your normalization sample prep for you.


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