GX-271 OEM Liquid Handler

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GX-271 OEM Liquid Handler

Gilson reliability and precision now available for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) integrated pumping. 60 mm stroke syringe module supports diverse liquid handling requirements. This liquid handler can be configured with disposable tips or as an injecting autosampler.

Use with Gilson GX Solvent System pump, 402 syringe pump, MINIPULS peristaltic, or your OEM pump.


  • Small bench footprint with impressive mid-size capacity
  • Optional HPLC single or dual injection
  • Optional integrated syringe pump(s)
  • Maximum security against cross-contamination
  • Multiple pump configurations and options supported
  • Open deck is accessible from all 4 sides
  • Pinpoint liquid level detection (LLD)

Features Continued:

  • Advanced jet wash rinse for reliable carryover control
  • Easy software control and integration
  • Off-bed reservoirs preserve sample space
  • Contact inputs, outputs, and switched 24V power output
  • Optional integrated enclosure can enclose your OEM devices and PCB(s) with same footprint
  • Z-arm mounts at infinitely adjustable Z-heights
  • Simple, rugged, service friendly design



GX-271 Integrated Cabinet with Syringes




Example GX-271 deck with 14 Scintillation vials,
44 qty 18 mm tubes, 192 qty 2 mL HPLC vials
and 4 qty 700 mL reservoirs


Test tube