GX Syringe Pump

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GX Syringe Pump

Reliability and precise free-standing syringe pumping system. 60 mm stroke syringe module supports diverse liquid handling requirements.


  • Accurate and precise liquid pump
  • Provides sample transfer, aspirate, dispense, mix, aliquot dispensing, and infusion pumping
  • Volume delivery from 3.0 µL to 25 mL
  • Supports 2-way valves
  • Wide flow rates from < 1 µL/min to 120 mL/min
  • Bench mount - ready to run in your system
  • Serial RS-485 interface
  • External 24V power supplied by option Gilson master instrument or external power brick
  • Simple ASCII command structure
  • Wide 1 µL to 25 mL volume range


Test tube