The best quality to guarantee electronic repetitive pipetting!


  • Fully traceable from Gilson to your laboratory bench.
  • Batch number guarantees the manufacturing traceability of syringes.
  • Batch certificate with production inspection conditions (Date of issue, liquid pipetting checking).

Prevention of Contamination

  • Produced under controlled-room conditions.

Sterilized REPET-TIPS

  • Sterility assurance level: Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 is achieved by β-irradiation.
  • Free of biological contaminants: The endotoxin concentration is tested with LAL-test and is less than 1x10-12 g/tip (corresponding to less than 0.01 I.U/mL).
  • Optimized packaging: Each syringe is individually wrapped in a medical quality blister pack.
  • Sterilization expiry date on the box for easy management.
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