Capillary Piston for MICROMAN®


Your Benefits


Accuracy & Precision

  • The use of Gilson’s pipetting system (MICROMAN fitted with Capillary Piston) guarantees accuracy and precision.
  • Ideal for non-aqueous liquids: Viscous, dense, volatile or potentially dangerous liquids, radioactive or corrosive reagents.

Contamination Free

  • Contamination-free pipetting and protection for the user — no contact between the sample and the pipette, even with aerosols or corrosive vapors.
  • Free of dyes, no risk of contamination from the CP’s components.

High Quality

  • Large volume range from 1 µL to 1000 µL with six different models to offer the best results.
  • Capillaries made of pure polypropylene.
  • Lightweight and slim CPs that fit in even the narrowest and deepest tubes.



Standard Capillary Piston Sterilized Capillary Piston
In box or TIPACK packaging Full range is available for CP10, CP25, CP50, CP100, CP250, and CP1000
Free of DNA, RNA, DNases, RNAses, ATP, Pyrogens and trace metals


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