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Quality Certificates

The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

Certificate of conformity

Gilson SAS certifies that each pipette has been inspected and validated in accordance with the Gilson Quality Assurance System. Each pipette is identified with an engraved identification number for traceability and delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Calibration certificate: Accreditation

Many countries around the world have one or more organizations responsible for the accreditation of their nation’s laboratories. Most of these accreditation bodies have now adopted an international guide, called ISO 17025.

The ISO 17025 contains “all the requirements that testing and calibration laboratories have to meet if they wish to demonstrate that they operate a quality system, are technically competent, and are able to generate technically valid results.” - ISO 17025-1999 -.

In France, the recognized accredited organization is called COFRAC, in the United Kingdom it is called UKAS and in the USA there are several accredited organizations called A2LA, NVLAP and ICBES.

Gilson pipette delivered with a calibration certificate

To respond to specific requests, especially for accredited laboratories, our calibration laboratory in France can deliver the pipettes with a calibration certificate, validated by the COFRAC organization.

We use the following method recognized by COFRAC:

The standardized ISO 8655-6 method (3 volumes x 10 measurements) without changing the syringe.

Ordering reference
ISO 8655 method
3 vol x 10 measurements
* The calibration is only valid for the "repeater'pipette+syringe" set.

Decontamination & Autoclaving

The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

  1. Neither DISTRIMAN nor DISTRITIPS may be autoclaved.
  2. For cleaning and decontamination, please refer to the DISTRIMAN user's guide.

Replacement Parts

The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

Spare parts manufactured by Gilson are products of intensive research and stringent quality control, guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision over the long run.

Item Ordering reference
Push-button assembly F164040
Piston retaining assembly F164070
Red flag (package of 5) F164042
Retaining spring F1864052

Test tube