Your Benefits


Optimal Comfort & Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-handle with the integrated and adjustable stand.
  • Fatigue-free due to its light weight and soft-touch material.

High Performance

  • Precise and smooth speed control with motorized dosing button.

Large Pipette Compatibility

  • Fully compatible with glass and plastic serological pipettes.

Economical Solution

  • Save money by using standard DIAMOND® D5000 and D10 mL tips for transferring smaller volumes.

More About the Features

  •  Large action button to decrease pushing efforts.
  • Autoclavable nose piece, pipette mount and rubber filter , 0.45 µm and 0.20 µm, standard and sterile version PTFE filters to meet the requirements of most demanding applications.
  • Noryl® material for a better chemical resistance.
  • Identification label for personalized applications to meet GLP requirements.


  • Buffer or media preparation: Biochemistry, microbiology, cell culture, colorimetric tests.
  • Large-volume sampling: Quality control (food, environmental).
  • Dilutions: Biochemistry, chemistry.