Quick and Safe Mini-centrifuge by Gilson!

The GmCLab is a compact and highly dependable personal mini-centrifuge allowing the user to quickly separate particles from the supernatant in a solid-liquid mixture or spin liquids down to the bottom of a tube.

Your benefits

Compact Design
•    Easy integration on busy workstations with its small footprint.

•    Robust lid hinge for long lasting spin operation.

Ease of Use
•    Quick spin operation by closing and opening the lid.
•    Easy access to the tubes with fully opening lid.
•    No tools required: Pinch-type connector to quickly exchange rotors.


•    Lid, body, rotors and bottom of the module are chemically compatible with most solvents, acidic and alkaline buffers.

More About the Features

•    Emergency brake stops the centrifuge immediately if any tube opens accidently and splashes liquid inside.

Maintenance Free
•    No budget needed for servicing.