This pipette is an evolution of the PIPETMAN® Classic that addresses the growing susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries. It exhibits a distinct enhancement in comfort.


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Your Benefits

Premium Robustness

  • Long product life and high resistance to aggressive chemicals thanks to stainless steel and PVDF components.
  • Air-tight seal with unique "dry seal" technology (grease-free).

Accuracy & Precision

  • Performance exceeding ISO recommendations by an average of 50%.

Comfortable Operation

  • Increased pipetting comfort with lowered pipetting forces; up to 50% reduction of pipetting and purge force on certain models.


Color-Coded Push Button

  • Helps differentiate PIPETMAN Neo range and their dedicated tips at a glance.


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  • PIPETMAN Neo P2N and P10N models are ideal for molecular biology techniques (PCR, DNA sequencing, etc.).
  • PIPETMAN Neo P20N, P100N, P200N, and P1000N models are suited for small-volume dispensing of aqueous fluids of moderate viscosity and density (molecular biology, immunology, etc.).

More About the Features

  • Tip-holder and tip-ejector are fully autoclavable to avoid cross-contamination.
  • PIPETMAN Neo P2N and P10N are equipped with dual position tip-ejector allowing the use of DIAMOND D10 (short tip) and DL10 (long tip).












For long life and peak performance of your pipette, Gilson recommends that you check your pipette on a regular basis. Click here to see our PIPETMAN Pipette Two Minute Inspection Video.

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