The Pipetting Standard With Improved Comfort!

Gilson recommends storing your pipettes vertically in order to prevent potential contamination or corrosion of the interior components. Gilson offers several accessories to complete your pipetting system.

You can complete your equipment with several accessories:

  Item Ordering reference
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - Mixed colours F161301
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - Red F161302
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - Yellow F161303
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - Green F161304
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - Blue F161305
10 PIPETMAN COLORIS™ clips - White F161306
THE JIMMY™ - Set of 3 color coded microtube openers F144983
CARROUSEL™ Pipette Stand - Holds up to 7 pipettes F161401
SINGLE™ Pipette Holder F161406
TRIO™ Pipette Stand - for 3 pipettes F161405
Reagent reservoir 25 mL - 10 packs of 10 reservoirs F267660
Reagent reservoir 50 mL - 10 packs of 10 reservoirs F267670
  Corrosion Protection Kit P1000N F144570
  Bag of 10 filters F144571
  Bag of 50 filters F144572
Test tube