PIPETMAN® M Multichannel

Progress made simple! 

Product not available in all countries. Please contact your local distributor.

PIPETMAN M Multichannel is a new motorized member of the PIPETMAN family from Gilson. PIPETMAN M is a fusion between the renowned accuracy, precision and robustness of the PIPETMAN P and user-friendly functions that will simplify your work day. 

PIPETMAN M Multichannel is so easy to use that you will have the feeling that you are using a PIPETMAN P. You won’t change the way you pipette!


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Easy To Use

No need to change the way you pipette!

Use it like a mechanical pipette, an electronic pipette with simply 2 buttons

• 4 essential pipetting modes: pipetting, repetitive, mix and reverse.

• Piston speed adjustment.

• Configuration: Service, Easy readjustment, Maintenance.


All you need in one pipette to obtain trustworthy results

Simplify your daily routine with the intuitive software: no instruction necessary!


 Always operational

Save time, improve efficiency!

Ready to Use

1. Access pipetting modes and additional features from the mode-button

2. Set the volume by rotating the push-button left or right

3. Pipette with a simple press of the push-button

Use while charging

PIPETMAN M Multichannel can be used while charging without compromising performance.

Longer use between charge cycles

PIPETMAN M Multichannel's Lithium-ion battery has been designed to ensure 900 pipetting cycles at maximum speed (up to seven 96 well plates) between charge cycles.

PIPETMAN M Multichannel charges 80 % of its full battery capacity in less than an hour and takes only three hours to fully charge.


Advanced ergonomics

Minimal effort, maximum comfort!

Optimized balance

One of the lightest motorized pipettes ever, built in strong materials. Its optimized weight gives you a perfectly balanced pipetting sensation.

Improved comfort

PIPETMAN M contributes to lowering Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI):

• Minimized pipetting forces

• Low ejection and volume setting forces


Clever GLP Features

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) features ensure the high quality and reliability of you work!


Enjoy the ease of use of PIPETMAN M combined with the well-known advantages of PIPETMAN Neo Multichannel lower part!


8 Multichannel Models cover a range of volumes from 0.5 µL to 300 µL

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For long life and peak performance of your pipette, Gilson recommends that you check your pipette on a regular basis. Click here to see our PIPETMAN Pipette Two Minute Inspection Video.