PIPETMAN Concept® - Single & Multichannel


All of PIPETMAN in an Electronic Pipette!

Exclusive PC software interface
Gilson’s PIPETMAN Concept utility software is a unique software package that allows you to create customized protocols on your PC and transfer them directly into your pipette. It also allows you to manage your maintenance program and calibration data.

Your Benefits

Customized Protocols

  • Develop and record your own pipetting protocols.
  • Increase productivity with protocol run assistance.
  • Comfortable operation without manual volume and speed modification at each step.

Manage Your Maintenance Program

  • Create and record your tailor-made maintenance programs.
  • Track your pipette characteristics.
  • Easy setting of your maintenance intervals.

More About the Features

  • Environmental test conditions (balance ID, air temperature, barometric pressure, etc.) recorded after each calibration.
  • Customized maintenance reports.


Click here to download the latest Pipetman Concept Utility Software* update.

*This product and/or its use in certain methods is/are subject of patent rights including US patent #6.778.917, owned by EPPENDORF AG