PIPETMAN® M Connected



PIPETMAN® M Connected electronic pipettes have been designed to offer specified accuracy and precision in both standard and repetitive pipetting modes. Using Bluetooth® pairing, the pipette communicates in real-time with TRACKMAN Connected, giving you the ability to create a pipetting plan and will show you when and where to pipette. 

Choose from a wide array of electronic pipettes covering volumes from 0.5 µL to 10 mL in single channel and 0.5 µL to 1200 µL in multichannel - all engineered to optimize pipetting performance and make lab life easier for researchers.

Make Manual Processes Verifiable

Open new possibilities in protocol execution assistance and data acquisition through Bluetooth® connection. Using Bluetooth® pairing, wirelessly connect your electronic pipette to PIPETMAN M Connected Software and Gilson applications to keep track of pipettes and protocols used

Trust in your results with guaranteed* performance in both standard and repetitive pipetting mode. 


Simplify your daily pipetting routine when performing qPCR, ELISA, library prep for NGS, cell culture, etc. 

PIPETMAN M Connected has two buttons to reach all menu options and requires virtually zero pipetting forces to aspirate and dispense samples. 

• Scroll effortlessly between the five pipetting modes: pipet, repetitive, mix, reverse, and custom.

• Save and transfer up to ten custom protocols from the Software into your pipette. Executing protocols has never been so easy! 


Download your PIPETMAN M Connected software to wirelessly connect your pipette and create customized pipetting modes.

Wondering which version to download? Click here. 

Uniform Sample Delivery with PIPETMAN M Connected Multichannel

Save time and benefit from absolute consistency in volume distribution across each channel with the exclusively patented piston drive mechanism.




View the PIPETMAN M® Specification Sheet for more information.

Download the PIPETMAN M Connected User's Guide.

Download the PIPETMAN M Connected Quick Guide.




This product and/or its use in certain methods is/are subject of patent rights including US patent #6.778.917, owned by EPPENDORF AG.  Gilson guarantees performance of PIPETMAN M® Connected in repetitive pipetting mode and a programmable custom mode.




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