PIPETMAN® G Starter Kit

This all-in-one kit is an economical solution for daily pipette users that have concerns with regards to comfort and the suseptability of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

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PIPETMAN G Starter Kit Includes:

  • Three PIPETMAN G Pipettes: P20G, P200G, and P1000G (equipped with stainless steel ejectors)
  • two PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tipacks: D200 and D1000 (racks of 96 tips each)
  • One Gilson Guide to Pipetting Handbook
  • Three Plastic Tip Ejectors
  • For long life and peak performance of your pipette, Gilson recommends that you check your pipette on a regular basis. Click here to see our PIPETMAN Pipette Two Minute Inspection Video.

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