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Quality Certificates

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Certificate of conformity

Gilson SAS certifies that each pipette has been inspected and validated in accordance with the Gilson Quality Assurance System. Each pipette is identified with an engraved identification number for traceability and delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Calibration certificate: Accreditation

Many countries around the world have one or more organizations responsible for the accreditation of their national laboratories. Most of these accreditation bodies have now adopted an international guide, called ISO 17025.

The ISO 17025 contains “all the requirements that testing and calibration laboratories have to meet if they wish to demonstrate that they operate a quality system, are technically competent, and are able to generate technically valid results.” - ISO 17025-1999 -.

In France, the recognized accredited organization is called COFRAC, in the United Kingdom it is called UKAS and in the USA there are several accredited organizations called A2LA, NVLAP and ICBES.

Gilson Pipette Delivered with a Calibration Certificate

  • To respond to specific requests, especially for accredited laboratories, our calibration laboratory in France can deliver the pipettes with a calibration certificate, validated by the COFRAC organization.

We use either of the two following methods recognized by COFRAC:

  • The standardized ISO 8655-6 method (10 measurements) without changing tip.
  • The special Gilson method (4 measurements). This method has been validated by the COFRAC organization.
Model Ordering reference
ISO 8655 method Gilson method
10 measurements 4 measurements
F2 F123770C F123770CG
F5 F123771C F123771CG
F10 F123772C F123772CG
F20 F123774C F123774CG
F25 F123775C F123775CG
F50 F123778C F123778CG
F100 F123784C F123784CG
F200 F123605C F123605CG
F250 F123787C F123787CG
F300 F123788C F123788CG
F400 F123789C F123789CG
F500 F123790C F123790CG
F1000 F123606C F123606CG
F5000 F123607C F123607CG

Decontamination & Autoclaving

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Your pipette could be contaminated accidentally. The most frequently contaminated pipette parts are the tip-ejector and tip-holder.

For this reason, each and every Gilson PIPETMAN has autoclavable lower parts.


Tip-ejector, tip-holder and connecting nut can be autoclaved in the laboratory under the following conditions: Moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1 bar.


For maintenance and decontamination procedures, please refer to the related PIPETMAN user's guide.

Replacement Parts

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Spare parts manufactured by Gilson are products of intensive research and stringent quality control, guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision over the long run.

Replacement Parts

  Ordering reference
Item F2 to F20 F25 to F100 F200 F250 to F1000 F5000
Piston assembly F123845 F144611 F123846 F123847 F123848
Seal and O-ring (5 sets) F144863 F144864 F144865 F144866 F144867
Connecting nut F144723 F144723 F144723 F144723 *
Tip-ejector F144766 F144767 F144768 F144769 *
Service kit 1st level (1 tip-holder - 3 piston seals - 3 O-rings) F144495 F144496 F144497 F144498 F144499
Adjustment key F123674 F123674 F123674 F123674 F123674
Bag of 10 filters * * * * F161280
Bag of 100 filters * * * * F161241
*Not applicable with this model.

Test tube