Corrosion Protection Kit

This Corrosion Protection kit has been developed to increase your pipette lifetime in highly corrosive environments. It is the ideal protection for your PIPETMAN P1000, PIPETMAN Neo P1000N and PIPETMAN F1000 while pipetting corrosive liquids, such as acids.

The Corrosion Protection Kit includes:

  • A specific tip holder adapted to PIPETMAN P1000, PIPETMAN Neo P1000N and PIPETMAN F1000.
  • A bag of ten filters.
  • A guide to change this spare part.

Your benefits

Contamination Barrier

  • Avoid contamination and leaks caused by intensive pipetting of corrosive solutions.

Accuracy & Repeatability

  • Optimize the repeatability of your results and maintain the smoothness of your piston stroke.

Save Time and Money

  • Save time and money by prolonging the life of your PIPETMAN.


Fore Use With

Test tube