THE JIMMY™ Microtube Opener

This ergonomic, hands-free microtube opener is your thumb's best friend. It fits your PIPETMAN® pipette perfectly and can open both snap-cap and screw-cap microtubes.

Made of high quality polyacetal, THE JIMMY can be cleaned with alcohol or sterilized by autoclaving. It is sold in a set of three colors: orange, yellow and white.

Your benefits

Comfortable Operation

  • Increase your pipetting efficiency and lessen the fatigue associated with manual tube opening.

User Protection

  • Keep your fingers and pipette free of microtube contents, due to THE JIMMY's specific design and position on the pipette.

Personalization Possibilities

  • Identify your application easily with one of three colors.
  • Its high quality polyacetal plastic allows THE JIMMY to be marked with permanent ink.


For Use With:

Test tube