Universal Multichannel Stand

A Truly Universal Stand

  • This innovative design makes it compatible with both 8 and 12 channels pipettes. 
  • Thanks to the plastic flexibility, the support edges widen or retract to adapt to the lower parts’ geometry of virtually all pipette brands.

A Solution for Pipette Protection

  • The pipette is maintained upward by being inserted by its lower part and not held by its body like for most pipette stands on the market.
  • This design also ensures that the stand remains very stable when a pipette is placed onto it and that there is no risk of damaging the cover or the tip-holders.

A Solution for Storage

  • The compact dimensions (150x130x105mm) of the stand have been optimized to minimize bench space.
  • As it is not as high as a classic stand, it is also easier to use when working under a fume cupboard.
  • Made of the same specific “Altuglas® Essential” quality PMMA as the TRIO stand to offer a good resistance to scratches, impacts and many chemicals. 


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Universal Multichannel Stand


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