PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips - Sterilized Filter Tips


Pure Performance Tips for PIPETMAN®

Fully traceable from the mold to your laboratory bench

  • Gilson logo means genuine DIAMOND Tips.
  • Identification number guarantees the manufacturing quality of the tips.

  • Batch number on each pack and rack.

Color-coded packaging

  • Volume recognition at a glance.
  • Helps prevent errors in the stock room and in the laboratory.

Prevention of Contamination

  • Clean room production.
  • Free of trace metals.
  • High quality and efficient filter: High-density polyethylene filter with a porosity designed to provide an effective barrier against aerosols generated by pipetting tasks. DIAMOND Filter tips contain no sealing additives which can be released into your sample.

Sterilized Tips

  • Free of biological contaminants: Free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens and trace metals.

  • Sterility assurance level: Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 is achieved by gamma irradiation. To download a copy of the biological contaminant certificate with batch number, please click here Link to certificate
  • Optimized packaging: All packs are wrapped in medical device quality plastic. Indicator dots used on Gilson's products undergo an irreversible color change upon sterilization. Orange gamma dots turn red when products have been properly exposed.
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