Peristaltic Pump - MINIPULS® 3

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Replacement Parts

Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump!

Spare parts manufactured by Gilson are products of intensive research and stringent quality control, guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision over the long run. Having your MINIPULS 3 regularly serviced by the qualified technicians of your local Gilson distributor, and using genuine Gilson spare parts is the best way to guarantee high performance and trouble-free liquid transfer.


MINIPULS 3 replacement parts

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Barrier strip connector - Male - 6-pin 638306512
Coupling, PVDF, 1/4" - 28TPI - Set of 5 (410153) F1410050
Fuses (type “T” slow-blow) - 250 Ma - Pack of 5 67300240062
Fuses (type “T” slow-blow) - 250V - Quantity of one 6730054007
User's guide LT801122
Drain tubing (Isoversinic - 200 mm x 10 mm x 7 mm) F155082
Pump head screw 4011564205
Power cord for 220-240 V 7080316106
Power cord for 100-120 V 7080316105


Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump!

The MINIPULS 3 is resistant over time. Solidly constructed from robust, chemically resistant materials, it ensures reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging environments. The built-in overflow is your protection in case of tubing rupture.

Declaration of Conformity

Quality and Reliability
The exhaustive, meticulously detailed documents and quality processes that serve to guide our manufacturing plant personnel are your assurance that our products meet our demanding standards: One example is the CE certificate which accompanies every purchase of MINIPULS 3.

All about the exceptional product which makes your life easier:


  • Gilson’s engineering and quality departments carefully choose the best materials to make sure you’re benefiting from the best chemical resistance and durability.


  • Gilson’s designers care about your well-being! Their objective is to provide you with user-friendly products.
  • Overall ergonomic design contributes to your comfort: Forms and functionalities are fully tested by qualified specialists and users, to improve the comfort and safety of your gestures.

Ease of Use

  • You benefit from the wide scientific background and lab experience of Gilson’s product managers, who draw on their expertise to develop fully intuitive products.
  • Easy volume adjustment, intuitive operating buttons, and straightforward maintenance are just a few examples of their concerns to save your precious time.

Decontamination & Autoclaving

Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump!

Part of your equipment could be contaminated accidentally. To clean:


  • Calibrated tubings (with color coded stops) made of Silicone or PVC may be safely sterilized by coiling tubing loosely in surgical gauze and autoclaving at 15psi (1 atm), 121°C (250F°), for 20 minutes. Those made of Isoversinic and PharMed with stops cannot be sterilized by autoclaving. However, no matter the material, tubing without stops can be autoclaved.
  • Connectors and extension tubings may be safely sterilized by coiling tubing loosely in surgical gauze and autoclaving at 15psi (1 atm), 121°C (250F°), for 20 minutes. Following initial sterilization of tubing, shrinkage of 2-4% may be noted. However, no further shrinkage should occur with subsequent sterilizations.
  • Connectors and extension tubings may be also sterilized chemically, by gas (ethylene oxide) or radiation (silicone tubing only).

Control Module & Pump Head

  • The pump must not be sterilized, using an autoclave, or any other mechanical device.
  • If a cloth dampened with soapy water is used to clean the instrument, only domestic soap may be used. No other form of detergent or chemical may be used.

Test tube