Peristaltic Pump - MINIPULS® 3



Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump!

Maintenance in Lab
Gilson is reputed for the extreme quality of its products and its components. Our pumps are high quality devices produced from the finest gems of technology, but mechanical systems can’t be totally protected against wear.

  • To extend your pump lifetime, Gilson recommends regular maintenance.
  • To save time and money, Gilson offers you cost-effective solution:
  • Order Gilson genuine replacement parts perfectly designed to maintain your pump performance.

Gilson Advice

  • The only routine maintenance required is to clean up any spilled liquids and periodically clean the outside of the MINIPULS 3 with a damp cloth.
  • Replace tubing when it shows signs of wear such as flatness or cracking.
  • Damaged tubing can cause excessive pulsations and erratic flow.

For troubleshooting information, please refer to the MINIPULS 3 user's guide.

Test tube