Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ)

Installation Qualification (IQ)

The IQ ensures that all procedures for optimal installation are followed, in a selected environment. With Gilson’s IQ program you can be assured that Gilson systems are installed correctly the first time, every time.

Operation Qualification (OQ)

The OQ confirms that Gilson products are performing within the proper operational specifications for their specified use, in a given environment. OQ kits are available and include:

  • Documentation
  • OQ software
  • OQ accessories

System Verification

An HPLC system is only as valuable as the results it yields. In Prep HPLC... Recovery is everything! A system that is only recoverying 10% is a system that wastes both time and money. You expect that your system should recover 85+%... and when it isn't, it demands service. Let Gilson verify and optimize the recovery of your system.

Optimize Your Recovery:

  • Achieve peaks that are pure
  • Avoid cross-over and sample degradation
  • Months of sample prep saved... Not wasted
  • More savings and less wasted time
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the entire system including pumps, detectors and samplers
  • Maximize the opportunity to make adjustments - obtain maximum reproducibility, reliability, and stability

System Verifcation Report provides:

  • Service representative information
  • Verification of results
  • Pass/fail based on percentage of recovery
  • Standard curve verifies results and aids troubshooting if necessary
  • Creates PDF of report for tracking purposes

Contact your Gilson service representative for more information, or to schedule a System Verification.

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