PIPETMAN Pipettes - Two Minute Inspection Videos

PIPETMAN Pipettes Two Minute Inspection Video

Making sure that your pipettes are working properly takes only a few minutes of your time. For long life and top performance of your Gilson PIPETMAN Pipettes, we recommend that you check your pipettes on a regular basis according to the easy service steps outlined in these videos.

PIPETMAN Single Channel Pipette Two Minute Inspection

PIPETMAN Multichannel Pipette Two Minute Inspection

Pipette Maintenance - PIPETMAN Service Kits

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Gilson's first-class service means you will get no surprises. You will always get exceptional value for your money and knowledgeable advice from specialists who know your pipettes.

By trusting Gilson Service Centers to look after your PIPETMAN, you're choosing quality. Doing it right is what makes us unique. You'll enjoy worry-free pipetting when you use Gilson pipette services.

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