Guaranteed Performance

Gilson Quality Statement

The long-term reliability of your pipette depends on its original design and the quality of the production process. Moreover, a final gravimetric test ensures that your pipette will perform within its specifications: accuracy of each instrument is individually checked by a series of gravimetric weighings and performance validated prior to shipment. This is indicated by a PASS status on the Test Report. Specifications rely on the quality and consistency for the whole pipetting system; they are guaranteed with Gilson manufactured tips. Satisfactory performance also requires that the user be acquainted with the instructions detailed in the User's Guides.

Maximum errors tolerated by ISO-8655

Some clarification must be made concerning the position of Gilson according to the maximum errors tolerated by ISO-8655. Numerous people have questioned themselves as to which set of tolerances to apply. ISO-8655 gives the technical specifications that must be respected by a pipette at all volumes. For its pipettes, Gilson has specifications much more severe than the norm, in order to guarantee optimum performance from your precision instrument.

Gilson tested to the same requirements for the PIPETMAN® M REPET mode in order to guarantee the performance of this electronic pipette, even in repetitive pipetting mode. Please contact Gilson should you require any additional explanation.

The maximum permissible errors always apply to the entire pipetting system, which includes piston, pipette, and tip. Published specifications only apply to Gilson PIPETMAN pipettes with PIPETMAN DIAMOND tips.

  • Gilson volumetric specifications in standard pipetting (PIPETMAN M’s PIPET mode) are guaranteed with a performance exceeding ISO 8655-2 recommendations for this mode.
  • In the absence of ISO recommendations for repetitive pipetting mode for electronic air-displacement pipettes, Gilson volumetric specifications for repetitive pipetting (PIPETMAN M’s REPETITIVE mode) are guaranteed within ISO 8655-2 recommendations for standard pipetting (Cf. ISO 8655-2 table 1).

Please note that good pipetting practice is as important for repetitive mode as for pipetting mode: results can be degraded by inappropriate technique; refer to the PIPETMAN® M User’s Guide delivered with the pipette.

Gilson Declaration of Conformity to the ISO 8655 Standard

Gilson declares that manufactured pipettes are inspected by technicians authorized by Gilson under strictly defined and monitored conditions, according to the ISO 8655-6 standard by type testing:

  • Basis of adjustment (Ex)
  • Reference temperature (20°C), relative air humidity (50%), and barometric pressure (101 kPa)
  • Use of distilled water grade 3 (ISO 3696) at room temperature
  • Ten measurements at each test volume (nominal, 50% nominal, and minimum or 10% nominal)
  • Balances are regularly serviced and checked with weights traceable to a national standard

Gilson warranty

Gilson warrants its pipettes and performances against defects in material under normal use and service for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, 24 months for PIPETMAN M with part number greater than or equal to F81013. This warranty shall not apply to pipettes that were subjected to abnormal use and/or improper or inadequate maintenance (contrary to the recommendations given in the user’s guide), including, but not limited to pipettes that have been subjected to physical damage, improper handling, or exposure to any corrosive environment. This warranty shall also be void in the event that pipettes are altered or modified by any party other than Gilson or its representatives. Gilson’s sole liability under this warranty shall be limited to, at Gilson’s sole option, repair or replacement of any defective components of pipettes or refund of the purchase price paid for such pipettes.

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