Gilson Connect Ideology



The Beginning

A group of Gilson engineers from across two continents, come to work every day with one purpose in mind: find a way to make lab instruments at the bench smarter, so that scientists can achieve more productive research, and verifiable science. We understand that to make progress, researchers need to focus on doing actual science. Our job is to make their life in the lab easier by designing tools that are intuitive and that collect historical usage information to ease reporting. Through numerous sessions with life science researchers, the teams looked to the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help.  And that is how Gilson Connect was born. The concept was kick-started to build a platform that flows information between Gilson devices and the cloud. We want to give researchers the ability to easily track their manual steps of an experiment, execute those steps with more accuracy, and eliminate the risk of errors. We are starting at the foundation: manual steps of liquid handling. We aim to create the next-generation of instruments with the scientific community and for the scientific community. These new devices will take care of data recording, letting scientists focus on the big picture and the interpretation of results. The Gilson Connect platform is our contribution towards making it more convenient for researchers to reproduce, report, and share their findings.

Our First IoT Devices:

TRACKMAN Connected & PIPETMAN M Connected

Pipette Smarter. Report Faster. Confidently.

Gilson is pleased to introduce TRACKMAN® Connected, an all in one kit that includes a tablet with apps and accessories that makes pipetting faster, traceable, and more reliable. Made to fit with Gilson’s new PIPETMAN® M Connected, the technology interacts in real-time with the pipette and guides you through your microplate method. Within the Trackman Connected app, you can track all your pipetting actions and create exportable reports of your experiments. Learn More

TRACKMAN Connected is for every scientist who wants to run smarter, faster experiments.

Boost Efficiency with sciNote Integration

Powered by Gilson Connect, our new IoT devices are compatible with sciNote, a free open source ELN. sciNote lets you to structure your work into projects, experiments and tasks, making it easy to visualize your work progress. Sync your results for a comprehensive view of your pipetting actions, samples and protocols. Learn more

Help Us Innovate

An innovative, cloud-connected platform needs an equally innovative introduction to the scientific community. The launch of TRACKMAN Connected and PIPETMAN M Connected is starting as a limited release program.  We want to give researchers like you the opportunity to gain first access to our new products and the ability to help us rapidly update our applications using real life scenarios in working laboratories. This strategy facilitates quick product enhancements by partnering our R&D teams with a community of researchers. We believe that when the scientific community has an active voice in product development, it will not only produce the best possible product, but also uncover unanticipated opportunities to help solve everyday issues at the bench. 


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