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Flexibility at an affordable price

In preparative chromatography, MS-directed purification is considered to be the pinnacle of selectivity/specificity. The Gilson LC/MS allows users to quickly and easily select compounds of interest. Experience one of the largest mass ranges available on the market today with intuitive software—a fully featured, easy-to-use prep LC/MS solution.

For a limited time, purchase the Gilson Flexar SQ300 MS detector, with the prep HPLC accessory kit, for only $99,000! 

Take advantage of this limited time offer for US customers prior to 12/31/13 to:

  • Purchase a new mass-directed purification system at a reduced price
  • Update an existing Gilson HPLC to add mass-directed purification capabilities

Applications using Gilson LC/MS

Identifying and collecting weak UV absorbance and Low Level Peaks of Interest From a Complex Mixture Using Conditional Logic Purification on Mass and UV Signals

Synopsis:  Purification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) often yields high numbers of fractions, often leading to a bottleneck of fractions to dry‐down and subsequently analyze. UV‐based fraction collection based on slope or threshold values offers some specificity and reduction in the number of fractions collected compared to basic time or volume based collection. LC/MS‐based purification provides the highest specificity as a direct result of target ion collection from the API of interest.  This application note will demonstrate the improvement in specificity offered by LC/MS based purification when compared to traditional UV alone using the Gilson GX‐271 LC/MS Purification System.

Purification of the B-Lactoglobulin A protein with the Gilson GX-271 LC/MS Purification System

Synopsis:  The wide mass range, and fast scan speed make it possible to purify a wide range of molecular classes, including larger bio-molecules such as proteins / peptides.  Because the mass trigger is based on the mass to charge ratio (m/z) and not simply on the molecular weight, bio-molecules over 3KD with multiple charge states can be collected with accuracy. 

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The power of MS without the complexity



Purify by Mass Trigger

 “One sample... one fraction”

The power of mass-based purification without the need for an MS expert

 “One sample… one fraction”   Enter your target mass, hit run, and collect the fraction of interest to improve the efficiency of your purifications

Mass Confirmation, automatically

No need to go back and re-inject fractions 

 Single-quad MS provides the fraction collection trigger and the mass confirmation in one run

Robust Auto-Tune and Check Tune

Auto-Tune makes MS detection nearly as easy to use as any other HPLC detector

 A tuning process so simple and reliable that even a novice can tune the MS after receiving basic training


Best-in-Class HPLC software and hardware, designed specifically for purification

ESI or APCI source combined with the largest mass range (50 – 3000 amu at 10,000 amu/sec) will accommodate a huge variety of compounds / applications

Ability to monitor up to 7 masses, up to 21 adducts, to get all the data you need in one run

Advanced fraction collection tools such as Conditional Logic, and FC simulator are available for optimizing even the most challenging separations

Manual control functions make it possible for the more advanced users to have complete control / flexibility over the run


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