Gilson's mission is enabling verifiable science at the sample preparation phase via our laboratory equipment. Integration with sciNote provides scientists with traceability from basic pipetting steps to the scientific publication. 

Improve the management of verifiable data

Access to the most up-to-date protocols, results, and tracking information in order to support research is essential, but traditional recording methods are both time consuming and exhausting. sciNote makes recording your data and creating a collaborative environment in your lab not only obtainable, but easy to use. 

sciNote is free for everyone to register and use.



What you'll experience

  • Easy to use: from its intuitive user interface to the ability to use any media (from pictures to spreadsheets) as a source of information, it has virtually no learning time. The simplicity of sciNote means more productivity at the bench.
  • Open source design: allows you to adapt sciNote to your science. Develop your own modules and share them within a growing community of users and developers. Experience collaborative development for the most function-rich ELN on the market.
  • Security of data: sciNote is cloud-based and hosted by Amazon Web Services, the world leading data hosting organization, which ensures that your data is secure and protected.
  • Direct connectivity to lab bench instrumentation: connect your Gilson pipettes and instantly record your findings. 


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