ASPEC Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges


Reproducible Flow Rates and Yield

ASPEC® Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges are available in 1, 3, and 6 mL volumes and conveniently come ready to use on any Gilson SPE automated Instrumentation (capped) or manual system (uncapped). These cost effective, high quality silica and polymer cartridges come in a variety of phases including Silica, C18, SCX, WCX, HLB (Polymeric) and many others. With reproducible separation, high loading capacity and accurate elution properties, each of the phases allows low solvent consumption and reliable analysis. 

  GX-27X Large-Volume SPE Systems  |  GX-241 ASPEC  |  GX-271 ASPEC  |   GX-274 ASPEC | ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold

  • More consistent flow rates and analyte recoveries

  • Reduced Variation

  • Minimal carryover  from sample to sample                                            

Application of positive pressure to individual cartridges using Gilson's unique Sealing Cap technology ensures more consistent flow rates and analyte recoveries, reduced variation, and minimal carry-over from sample to sample.





ASPEC pre-capped cartridges save valuable time and remove strenuous, manual capping


Run cartridges right out of the box

Remove potential health concerns with repetitive manual operations

Run samples faster

Prevents run stopping due to improperly installed caps

Labeled with column size, phase, and amount of packing


Allows for the quick and simple identification for easy re-ordering

ASPEC cartridges in a wide variety of phases


Other companies only provide pre-capped cartridges in a limited number of sizes and phases. Gilson provides a broader variety of solid phases in 1, 3, and 6 mL cartridge sizes

Lot-to-lot reproducibility due to very tight particle size distribution and no fines


Excellent separation

No clogging of cartridges

High recoveries and yields

Less time and solvent spent conditioning the sorbent

No silica contamination of your final product

Reproducible flow rate from lot-to-lot

Custom phases available providing Gilson pre-capped cartridges for any application


Unlike current consumable manufacturers, Gilson will be able to offer custom phases in the pre-capped ASPEC cartridges


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