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One tip, any pipette! Manufactured in a sterile, clean-room environment using the purest raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, you can be assured that lot-to-lot you will receive a high quality product offering consistent performance. Sterilized PIPETMAN EXPERT™ Tips are free of Human DNA, RNase, DNase, PCR Inhibitors and pyrogens. PIPETMAN EXPERT™ Filter Tips feature a  patented, low-retention polymer that creates a hydrophobic surface to minimize sample binding when dispensing. This inert polymer will not leach into or degrade your samples so there's no concern for contamination.


  • Clear packaging allows you to easily identify the tips you need
  • Color-coded tip packaging corresponds to industry standards for color matching to pipettes
  • Tips feature graduations at varying volumes allowing for quick-checks when aspirating samples
  • Economical and easy to use

Your space is valuable, so we focused on minimizing the packaging to allow for more room for your research!



Uniquely designed TIPACKS feature a dual-purpose lid: hinged to easily open and close while using tips or simply pull it out of the hinges to set on top or discard for high-throughput tip usage.

Available in Filter, Sterilized, and Autoclavable packaging. 96 Tips per TIPACK.


TOWERPACK Reload System + Kits

Be green and save space! The TOWERPACK reload system gives you easy access to 10 layers of tips that easily snap into the TIPACK boxes in a few seconds using only one hand. Purchase the TOWERPACK Reload Kit and receive the TOWERPACK of 960 tips + 10 TIPACK boxes* - convenient for autoclaving!

960 Tips per TOWERPACK

*E1000 XL has 768 tips per TOWERPACK and the E1000 Reload Kit comes with 8 empty TIPACK boxes


Perfect for your high-throughput multichannel pipetting, this packages features 192 tips per layer, 5 layers high. The sterilized MEGAPACKS give you the choice to expose only 96 tips at a time with a portioned cover, or remove the cover completely to quickly access 192 tips!

960 Tips per MEGAPACK



Purchase in bulk and save money by simply reloading these tips directly into the empty racks.

1,000 Tips per EASYPACK

10,000 Tips per ECOPACK

Please note: Not all PIPETMAN EXPERT tip types and packaging configurations are available worldwide. Please contact your local Gilson representative for more information.


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